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Create a fragrant environment by a furniture manufacturer
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-09-04

As early as in ancient Egypt, ancient Greece, and ancient Rome, human society had already used spices to pursue beauty; in the 15th century, Louis XIV, in order to conceal his body odor, went to France by poaching a large number of perfumers from Italy. The foundation of the French perfume industry. Since then, Napoleon strongly supported the research of organic chemistry, which made the French perfume industry gradually lead the world; in the second half of the 19th century, volatile solvents replaced the distillation method, and artificial synthetic perfumes were also born in the same period. The perfume industry Really embarked on the fast lane of development.

Home fragrance

And,a furniture manufacturer started to send this point to start furniture design.

By definition, home fragrance includes scented candles, aromatherapy essential oils, aroma diffusers, diffusers and other derivative products.

From the perspective of the relationship between the fragrance and home industries, home fragrance is a very wonderful "connection point" between the two; but from the perspective of the fragrance industry as a whole, the prosperity of home fragrance is later than Perfume, the market is small, and is not the core track of the industry.

In the entire fragrance industry chain, there are tens of thousands of brands competing with each other in the market, but the major fragrance companies that provide raw materials for fragrance brands are at the top of the pyramid and their market shares are quite concentrated. Givaudan, Firmenich, International Fragrance and Fragrance Company (IFF), and Dezhixin, these four major flavor companies accounted for more than half of the global flavor and fragrance industry market share, respectively 25%, 13%, 12.5% and 12%.

And,a furniture manufacturer needs to cooperate with these companies.

a furniture manufacturer

The same name

There are also some fragrance brands on the market that were established late and operated independently but have inherited the traditional blood of old brands, such as Juliette Has A Gun founded by the great-grandson of Lena Liz and the granddaughter of Pierre Guerlain. Nicolai Parfumeur (Nicolai Parfumeur), and Estee Lauder’s granddaughter Irene Lauder founded the brand of the same name, Aeroin (Aerin) and so on. It is worth mentioning that Irene and the American furniture retail giant Williams Sonoma reached a cooperation in 2019 to jointly launch a series of home decorations. Irene and Nicolai's Fragrance are currently also launching home fragrance products.

With the continuous improvement of consumption levels, more and more Chinese people are beginning to pay attention to the quality of life and pursue "small luck", and the market demand for home fragrance is gradually released.

At the same time, home fragrances are consumables. The burning time of standard scented candles is about 40-60 hours. The diffusion time of 150ml non-fire fragrance products is usually no more than two months. For those who have the habit of using home fragrances For the crowd, the frequency of repurchase will be very high. Therefore, the domestic consumer demand for home fragrances is attracting overseas brands and local entrepreneurs to come in successively. Well, a furniture manufacturer wants to combine furniture and perfume.

Overseas brands

As overseas brands successively enter China to open offline stores, the competition between overseas brands and domestic brands will become increasingly fierce. Among these overseas brands that have entered China, there are many well-known brands with big-name genetic inheritance and years of fragrance making experience, and many brands are backed by large cosmetics groups. However, the domestic fragrance industry started late, companies lacked genes and inheritance, perfumers and perfume-related training systems were also extremely lacking, and various innate deficiencies made this battle seem to be a little different. The bedroom furniture manufacturer has created a brand of furniture with the concept of perfume.

Domestic home fragrance brands need to find a way to break the situation, and three aspects of personality, marketing and products are indispensable.

In terms of consumers' current average fragrance aesthetics, whether a fragrance product uses sophisticated materials and exquisite structure is not the key to whether the product can become an explosive product. What is more popular with consumers is often the product's appearance design, unique name, and carefully woven beautiful stories. Such plots have been staged in the Chinese perfume consumer market for many years. Brands such as Smell Library, Zu Malong, and Lu Dan The rise of the domestic perfume consumer market is all related to the above factors.