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Buy bedroom furniture and decorate home in right season
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-28

Time is a very important point in home decoration. It is related to the quality of our home decoration, and it also affects our check-in time after new house decoration. Some people say that spring decoration is the best, some people say that autumn is the best decoration, and some say that winter and summer are the best decoration. So which day is the best decoration? Let's take a look today.

We need to decorate the house in a good time period and place the bedroom furniture.


I believe that most people should choose the spring when decorating a new house. For spring decoration, the air humidity is relatively low and the moisture content is also moderate. If we choose to start construction in this season, we should try our best to choose materials with a lower moisture content. Generally, the construction should be selected when the weather is clear. If it happens to be rainy, we must remember to prevent moisture. Of course, we can use plastic film to protect it. The bedroom furniture also pay attention to moisture. If it is the rainy season in the south, it will be more, so it is not very suitable for construction. In addition, spring decoration companies are often the busiest. If we encounter delays in the construction period due to insufficient manpower or do not work meticulously, then we will lose more than the gains.


The summer weather is sultry and hot, and the rainy season can easily cause the wood products to have too high moisture content, which will cause them to deform. However, because of the high temperature, the harmful substances produced during the decoration process evaporate quickly, which can shorten the time for the head of the household to move into the new house. But coins have two sides, and the volatilization of harmful substances is not conducive to the health of decoration workers, so preventive measures must be taken. Another point is that because summer is the off-season for decoration, many home improvement companies and building materials market will engage in some promotion activities for bedroom furniture It is still very cost-effective.


In autumn, the weather is clear and the temperature is suitable, which is also a season suitable for decoration. However, the weather in autumn is relatively dry, so pay attention to safety and fire prevention. In addition, the autumn climate is dry and the air humidity is relatively suitable. Some wall tiles require less solidification time, and it is also a good choice to move in in winter after the autumn decoration is completed.

bedroom furniture


In many people's minds, winter is the most unsuitable time for construction. All of them are looking forward to the passing of winter and the construction in the coming spring. The construction conditions in winter are indeed harsh, and the climate is relatively dry, making it difficult to paint. The temperature is also an important condition that affects the decoration materials. For example, the spraying work of paint must be completed above -5°. If you must work in winter, remember to find an experienced decoration company. Of course, winter construction is not without benefits. Like winter wood, the moisture content is relatively low, the degree of dryness is also very good, and it is not easy to crack and deform. As long as it is handled properly, decorating a new house in winter and decorating bedroom furniture is also very effective.

The above is an analysis of the seasons of the year that decoration is most suitable for everyone. After reading it, I believe that you have a general understanding of which season to choose for decoration. I hope this article will be helpful to you and I wish you a happy life.

Wet cloth

Wet cloth is the natural enemy of mahogany furniture, because the moisture and dust in the wet cloth will form particles after being mixed. Once rubbed on the surface of the furniture, it will easily cause certain damage to it. Once the mahogany furniture is stained with stains, it can be wiped with water-soluble or oil-based wipes. When the outdoor humidity is high, the doors and windows in the upwind direction should be closed, and only the doors and windows in the downwind direction should be opened to reduce water vapor entering the room. When the weather turns clear and the outdoor humidity becomes smaller, all doors and windows can be opened to accelerate the evaporation of water. Due to the differences in regions and furniture characteristics, there are many ways to prevent moisture.

The autumn weather is dry, and newly made mahogany furniture is prone to cracking and deformation. Mahogany furniture should be far away from heating, air-conditioning and other places, such as doorways, windows, vents and other places with strong air flow, and moisture loss is relatively fast, so stay away from these places. In addition, when the air is relatively dry, you can also use a bonsai fish tank or humidifier to increase the indoor air humidity.

Light has a damaging effect on mahogany furniture. The infrared rays in the light can cause the surface of the furniture to heat up. When the temperature drops, it will cause the furniture to warp and crack. Ultraviolet rays are more harmful. It can not only fade furniture, but also reduce the mechanical strength of wood fibers. The destructive effect of light on wood fibers is a gradual process of chemical change. Even after the light stops, it will continue to cause damage in the dark. Therefore, do not place mahogany furniture in direct sunlight. You can install curtains, bamboo curtains, sun visors, blinds, etc. to prevent direct light from shining on the furniture.