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A good partner of home furnishing companies
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-18

The digitalization of the home furnishing industry, in the final analysis, depends on the needs and characteristics of the home furnishing enterprises themselves.

First of all, most living room furniture manufacturers in china are traditional enterprises and rarely train their own IT teams. Therefore, their digital technology capabilities are relatively weak. This requires companies that provide digital services for them to have one-stop service capabilities. And can understand the digital needs of different types of home furnishing companies.

Secondly, the foundation of digitization is the mining of data value, and for every company, data is the core asset for improving its business capabilities. In other words, due to the boundaries of industry competition, home furnishing companies should choose partners that do not overlap with their own businesses to ensure that core data is not threatened by leakage.

Business landscape

We know that in the business landscape of some digital service providers in the home furnishing industry, they also overlap with the businesses of upstream and downstream enterprises in the ecological chain. In the future market competition, it is difficult for them to be as neutral as pure third-party technology service providers.

The chain of the home industry is very long, involving multiple dimensions such as production, design, marketing, and service. Therefore, we see that the types of home furnishing companies are also extremely rich. There are not only the most traditional finished home furnishing companies, but also brands that take a customized route, and more companies that are positioned hard.

How to meet so many different needs of the format to go digital? This requires service providers themselves to have a comprehensive understanding of the home furnishing industry, and have comprehensive technical capabilities, not just strong in a certain scene, a single point.

Fourth, the home furnishing industry itself is an ecological industry. Before the advent of the Internet, businesses engaged in production, design, and marketing channels each performed their duties and developed collaboratively. The emergence of the Internet has actually destroyed the original ecology to a certain extent. This is also the reason why living room furniture manufacturers in china love and hate the "Internet".

Good digital service

Then, the integration of good digital service providers into the home furnishing industry can ensure that they will not destroy the original ecology and can bring further ecological prosperity.

Finally, the digitization of any industry is inseparable from a logic: professional people do professional things. Home furnishing companies are mostly long-distance running companies, and many brands are targeting "century-old shops." Therefore, home furnishing companies are also taboo to cooperate with short-lived companies. Good digital service providers must also continue to invest and have a long-term layout.

At the beginning, he was the forerunner of the home design industry and technical route. From the initial cloud rendering technology, Kujiale has accumulated rich experience relying on continuous investment in research and development. If you evaluate the advantages of Kujiale, you can simply summarize it into five keywords: focus, professionalism, trust, boundary, and platform.

living room furniture manufacturers in china


The first key word: focus. It can be said that in the past 8 years, manufacturers have only done one thing, which is to increase technology investment and become the design operating system for the home furnishing industry. At present, technically, it has formed an industry-leading hardware and software integrated rendering system based on parallel computing and distributed computing, high-performance cloud 3D engine, precise parameterized production control engine, high-performance vector computing engine and other core capabilities. At the same time, based on core technology, Kujiale starts from a single cloud design software, and has formed a SaaS product matrix including the Kucube solution system.

Objectively evaluated, this focus on technology determines that Kujiale can meet the unique needs of home furnishing enterprises, and also ensures that its own business model is controllable and remains invincible in the fierce competition.

The second key word: professional. The dining room furniture manufacturers in china focus on technology that Kujiale is able to provide the most professional solutions based on the needs of home furnishing customers. For example, the Cool Cube launched by Kujiale takes customer needs as the core, flexibly configures customers in different industries, scenarios, and systems, and finally presents a "thousands of people" service customization.

Chain stores

This makes it possible to customize services through CoolCube regardless of the type of customer's finished furniture, custom home furnishings or hard-fitting enterprises. Taking Sikexin, which has more than 1,000 home furnishing chain stores across the country, as an example, Cool Cube is equipped with "Professional Solutions for Smart Cloud Design of Finished Home Furnishings" according to the business needs of its stores to acquire customers and improve consumer experience.

The third key word is: trust. The reason why home furnishing companies trust them and are willing to work with them in the digital vision is the long-term investment.

The fourth key word is: boundary. In an interview, he said, “Kujiara is neither good at doing offline business, nor does it want to be a competitor to its customers. Cooljiale and its customers will always be united front allies.” In fact, this is the opening of Kujiara for itself. Ecology, the boundaries of competition set by it.

The open ecology has always been the starting point for the underlying logic and technical output of Kujiale. On the basis of deep cultivation of the home furnishing industry, we are committed to opening up the ecology, fully connecting the home furnishing industry chain, and gradually forming a service model centered on technological innovation, platform empowerment, and traffic sharing. Kujiale firmly believes that it will always only act as a service provider and will not end up touching the business cake of ecological chain customers.

Starting point

The fifth key word: platform. We know that as a home furnishing design and ecological solution provider, Kujiale just announced the completion of a new round of D+ round of financing. After this round of financing, Kujiale is valued at more than US$1 billion, becoming a single player Animal company.

Compared with the scale of the home furnishing industry, the current scale obviously has enough room for improvement. After completing the accumulation of technology, the creation of solutions, and the improvement of customer ecology, The living room furniture manufacturers in china has also reached the stage of platformization. In the future, Kujiale can evolve more technologies and services into a "capability", and through such a "platform", it can go and empower the upstream and downstream of the home furnishing industry Business.