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5 new sofa wall decors
Author:Tangshifu Furniture| release time:2020-08-04

The sofa area is the core area of the living room. People often only pay attention to the combination of sofa and coffee table, and often ignore the wall decoration behind the sofa. In fact, the wall decoration behind the sofa, whether it is a small decoration or a decoration, can often bring the finishing touch to the living room.

Natural wall

The ancient tree trunk bracket creates a crafts display platform for the living room, and together with the bracket full of bottles behind the sofa, creates an original retro flavor for the living room. The green background wall and the light-colored sofa are harmoniously matched.living room furniture manufacturers are making the living room full of fresh and natural flavor.

The symmetrical room layout and the zebra-striped carpet form the same direction, and the neat and comfortable feeling comes out. The light yellow and dark green partners are already tacitly aware-the two brothers of the warm series.

Mediterranean style

The living room is decorated with Mediterranean folk style. The furniture is all white, matched with blue and white soft decoration. The eye-catching sofa wall is a dreamy starry sky, antique lamps and fans, the colors are gorgeous and the amazing simplicity is revealed. Needless to say, the designer is very good. He is working as living room furniture manufacturers in china.

living room furniture manufacturers


The bright yellow sunny wall and the white couch are matched with lively colors. The sunshine style is made by bedroom furniture manufacturers. The special brown wooden floor not only suppresses the overly frivolous soft decorations, but also enriches the taste of the living room with the wood texture, which is really beautiful.

Art puzzle

Different types of mural puzzles with large color difference are used as the background wall of the fireplace. The characteristics of diverse elements and bright colors have the feeling of patchwork, which is different from the mainstream and reflects extraordinary artistic attainments.

Black and white

living room furniture manufacturers Make some changes in the material of the sofa background wall. Although the entire space is mainly black and white, the combination of four different materials for sofa, bookcase, background wall and curtains has changed the dull situation.